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Give Me My Power Back
Original title: Devuélveme el poder

Give Me My Power Back

Original title: Devuélveme el poder

Why we need an urgent liberal reform in Spain.

This book doesn’t aim to be an academic essay about liberal principles, nor an in-depth analysis of the evolution of liberalism through history or even in Spain. It is, simply, a rough sketch of what a liberal party would mean for the Spanish political system. It doesn’t aspire to give an ambitious or exhaustive answer to what the political program of a potential Spanish liberal party would be, but rather the most basic aspects of what it should defend if it did exist—the principles that the emerging parties of the center should subscribe to in order to become a liberal alternative. Because it is not only necessary for this alternative to exist, it is urgent for there to be a liberal reform in Spain.

"Liberalism is born of diversity, of the recognition of the tensions that exist in all social groups. Of accepting that we think differently and that this diversity of opinion, this dialectical tension, instead of a problem to be resolved, is something positive that enriches society and helps us to make wiser political decisions. Liberalism isn’t left-wing, right-wing, or center. It is not equidistant. And it is not defined with regard to the political space others occupy… The key to liberalism is the dispersion of power. Liberals aren’t against power. But their goal, the leitmotif of all their policies, is the return of power to the citizenry."

"The best thing about Spain isn’t its politicians, but the Spanish people. The ones who help build what we are every day, a country that has gone through, and continues to go through, many difficulties, but which in spite of that is a diverse, creative, compassionate, innovative, and optimistic place. The people, not the politicians, are the ones who should have the reins of power in their hands."

“If a liberal society is one in which the power rests with each citizen, Spanish society is the exact opposite: the power that naturally belongs to each Spanish citizen and that, through the social contract that constitutes our most basic social norm, the Constitution, should have been ceded to the political realm in a limited, transparent form, with guarantees as to its proper use, has been overtaken by an omnipotent, omnipresent political class that has claimed this power as its own.”

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-929-8 | Imprint: Ediciones Península