Ricardo Menéndez Salmón
Ricardo Menéndez Salmón ©Tobias Bohm
©Tobias Bohm

Ricardo Menéndez Salmón


Ricardo Menéndez Salmón is a regular contributor to the Spanish press. He is the author of a unique travel book, Asturias for Vera (2010, Llanes Award), he has published the short stories books The Blue Horses (2005, Juan Rulfo Award and Asturias Critics Awards) and Scream (2007), and the novels Philosophy in Winter (1999), Panopticon (2001), The Impetuous (2003), The Ferocious Night (2006, Casino de Mieres Award), the socalled Trilogy of Evil –which includes The offense (2007, Qwerty Awards from Barcelona Televisión y Sintagma XXI), Tremor (2008, Asturias Critics Award) and The Proof Reader (2009, Critics Award at the Bilbao Book Fair)–, Light Is Older than Love (2010, Cálamo Award «Another look»), Medusa (2012, Quim Masó Award for its theatrical adaptation by the company La Virgueria), Children in Time (2014, Las Américas Award), The System (2016, Brief Library Award ), Homo Lubitz (2018), Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night (2020), Horde (2021) and The World’s Furniture (2023). His work has been translated into German, Catalan, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.